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[06 Mar 2007|02:28am]

Been working on remixing a song by The Indelicates

The Indelicates - The Last Significant Statement (Hughe Remix).mp3

I'm trying to work out what style its in... I can't work it out.
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[06 Jan 2005|02:46pm]

I couldn't get this out of my head so i sketched it down on mp3. It's really bugging me... is it from anything?

File: Hughe - bleepything003

i need to get some decent VSTs.
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[01 Dec 2004|06:36pm]

Well here is a first draft of mixing a couple of Screaming Banshee Aircrew tracks. very much work in progress. I need to tidy it up a lot :)

File: Hughe - SBA Mix v1.0

There are a couple of other things i think would mix well with a couple of the tracks too...
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[01 Dec 2004|03:32pm]

selectnone said that i should do a Hypertraxx - The Darkside mix with Blur - Parklife ... but i dont know how possible this will be....
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[01 Dec 2004|02:48am]

Here is one i did a while ago and i'm trying to get played more often:

Apoptygma Bezerk - Suffer In Silence mixed with Cotton Eye Joe

File: Hughe - Suffer in Cotton
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First Track [01 Dec 2004|02:27am]


here's one i did tonight in about 20 minutes:

Breathe and Smack My Bitch Up both by The Prodigy with some other royalty-free one-shots.

File: Hughe - Breathe Bitch v2.0
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